A Thing of Beauty

I'm a lover and artist of words. I love dresses and talking nerd-a-ly about Hayao Miyazaki films. Alternative music is my heart's favorite dance partner and I'm an active lobbyist for the ThickBrow movement. Sometimes I get hungry so click the link below to feed me



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Ted: I used to believe in destiny, you know? I’d go to the bagel place, see a  pretty girl in line reading my favorite novel, whistling the song  that’s been stuck in my head all week and think she’s the one. Now I  think, I just know this bitch is gonna take the last whole-wheat-everything bagel.

How I Met Your Mother 7.01 “The Best Man”/7.02 “The Naked Truth”
Permalink Successful chicken spinach feta cheese puff dinner experiment with J. Hutch 👅🍴#Domestic #Noms
Permalink How I keep myself awake without caffeine so I can finish a script. #NoHeatNoSleep #VegasStar #ShortFilm #FramesOnFrames
Permalink Baby sis and I made bookmarks for each other. Her Legolas is obviously the best. #FatherAndSon #DesolationOfSmaug #Nerds #Legolas #Thranduil
Permalink 1/2 of a long time thrifting dream has finally come true⚡️🇬🇧#Bowie #ImDigginImDigginImSearchin
Permalink Happy new year! #GoldenWest #iLoveNevada
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ace of spades, death star{watercolor, ink & graphite}part of the stack the deck exhibit TONIGHT! @ the hub gallery and studios
Permalink Making the perfect salt shaker into a perfect ornament for my brotha🐻❤️ #saltglobe #Bear #anthropologie #happyholidays
Permalink New projector + Teepee canopy = First family movie night in the woods🎥 #FoxDen #YourEyesHaveALittleGreenInThem #RIPHeath
Permalink Finally bought this life changing moment.🍪👅 #MilkAndCookies #RetroBakery #ThankYouVegas
Permalink An awkward family photo snow globe just for you. Love, the Olivés. P.s. I’m the adopted Caucasian one in the front #Casper
Permalink Gettin her playboy pose down on the magic carpet. #NailedIt #Ewok  (at The Fox Den)
Permalink My baby got her first haircut. Now her milkshake brings all the Rebels to Endor.🐶✂️😍 #ewok #puppylove